Safari Covid Policy

Safari Policy and Procedure for Covid-19

We look forward to having a great show, help us keep this a safe environment.

Mask must be worn at all times in the show hall!

No exceptions, no face shields accepted without a mask

-All attendees, exhibitors, staff, judges, officials and participants will sign a waiver at check in for the weekend events.  When submitting the waiver form a Safari Wristband will be given that needs to be worn at all times for the duration of the event.

-Daily temperature check will be done for all individuals entering the show, at time of a normal temperature a wristband will be given to each person that must be worn at all times.  Each day will have a new color wristband.  Daily check in is required for this event.


At any time, an individual shows symptoms they are to report to show officials and exit the show immediately.

-In ring spacing for social distancing will have a 6 ft space between each table

-When checking in please remember to social distance while in line to enter the ring.

-Vendors will have a 2ft aisle between booths that is to remain open to allow for additional space from the 10×10 booth space for social distance. This aisle must remain open and not to have any items placed in this space.  This space is to allow for better flow for customers in booth.

-ringside seating will have distance between chairs for social distancing

– the ring will have an entrance and an exit

The show hall will have one door for entrance and one door for exit to better control the capacity of the room and verification of wristbands at check in.


Any person not adhering to these guidelines will be asked to leave with no refund and cancellation of their ability to compete if entered in the competition or booth space if a vendor. We want to keep this a great event for everyone to enjoy and we all want to work together to make it happen, please be aware of these policies and procedures for our event.